Free Whole Home Health, Safety & Comfort Inspection - $289 Value! Free to first time callers!
Free Whole Home Health, Safety & Comfort Inspection - $289 Value! Free to first time callers!
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Air Conditioner Replacement in Orange County, CA

If your air conditioner is no longer up to the task of cooling your home, it is time to hire Klondike Air for an air conditioner replacement in Orange County. Our skilled technicians will provide you with the best air conditioning unit to fit your budget and your home.

Investing in an AC unit replacement means you won’t have to sweat through the hot summer months in Orange County.

Klondike Air has an excellent reputation for high-quality work and dependable service. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction. We have been providing air conditioner replacement, AC unit repair, and AC tune-ups to Orange County and surrounding areas since 1989.

Air Conditioner Replacement Service in Orange County

When To Get an AC Unit Replacement

So, how do you know it is time to replace your AC unit rather than get it repaired? There are many factors to consider before taking the leap to replacement.

During our inspection, we will let you know if repairing your AC will cost more than a simple replacement. If your AC unit is costing you bank on energy bills or requiring frequent repairs, you would be surprised how quickly that adds up.

  • Your AC Unit Is Older Than Ten Years

If your air conditioner is older than ten years and needs frequent repairs, it costs you less to invest in replacing your air conditioner.

  • Your AC Unit Uses a Lot of Power

This is especially true of older units. Energy efficiency has improved so much in the last ten years with variable speeds and smart thermostats. So, replacing air conditioners can save you money in the long run.

  • Your AC Unit Isn’t Keeping Your Home Cold

If your air conditioner is not pumping out cold air, and your HVAC technician has ruled out common issues, such as low refrigerant or a clogged air filter, it is time for an AC replacement.

  • The AC Unit Is Leaking

First off, do not attempt to clean any leaks from an air conditioning unit. This could be refrigerant or other corrosive chemicals. If your AC unit is leaking, please turn it off and call an experienced technician as soon as possible.

  • Strange Noises Coming from Air Conditioner

If you hear a grinding, rattling, banging, or squealing noise coming from your air conditioner, turn it off right away. This can mean a slipped belt or a broken motor bearing. You need to get your AC unit repaired or replaced before it causes further damage.

Air Conditioning Unit Replacement Cost

AC unit replacement cost can vary significantly based on the size of your house, the type of replacement AC unit, and any special installation requirements.

Getting an air conditioner replacement in Orange County now can save you money in the long run because modern AC units are more energy efficient, which will lower your energy bill. Plus, you will enjoy better performance and improved air quality.

Klondike Air believes in transparent pricing, so there won’t be any hidden fees you have to worry about.

Replacing An Air Conditioner in Orange County

The demand for HVAC services peaks during months with extreme weather, so you should schedule your air conditioner replacement in Orange County during the off-seasons to be prepared and get even faster service.

With Orange County’s hot summers, you need to have a dependable air conditioning unit to keep your home comfortable.

With an air conditioning replacement, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you won’t have to rearrange your schedule to fix an unexpected breakdown.

Picking the right air conditioning for your Orange County home is an investment that will pay you back in energy efficiency, improved air quality, and, of course, cool comfort.

Custom Quote for Air Conditioner Replacement in Orange County

During your scheduled appointment with one of our knowledgeable technicians, we will assess your current system to see if we can repair it. If it cannot be repaired or if repair costs more than replacement, we will provide you with our best recommendation for an air conditioner replacement in Orange County. 

Our team will provide you with a custom quote for your AC replacement cost. We will work within your budget and believe in transparent pricing, so there won’t be any hidden fees. Whether you are looking for a more economical option or an air conditioning unit with all of the latest smart features, we have a range of options for you to choose from.

When Looking for Excellent Air Conditioner Replacement in Orange County, Look for Klondike Air

Klondike is the best HVAC company to hire for air conditioning replacement in Orange County. Our track record speaks for itself. We have thousands of satisfied customers!

Call us at (714) 979-2070 to schedule your air conditioning replacement appointment.

AC Replacement Orange County

Frequently Asked Questions

Your air conditioner needs to be replaced if it is older than ten years and needs frequent repairs, your AC unit is using a lot more power than it used to, your AC unit isn’t keeping your home cold, your AC unit is leaking, or you hear strange noises coming from your AC unit.
Depending on the size of the air conditioning unit and type, such as a heat pump or mini split, it can take anywhere from 1 to 2 days to replace your air conditioner. We will work around your schedule to get your new AC unit up and running.
Yes, we recommend a ductwork inspection before we replace your air conditioner.
Yes, we will remove your air conditioner and properly dispose of it according to Orange County regulations.
Yes, all of our technicians are licensed, bonded, and ensured for air conditioner repairs, replacements, and tune-ups in Orange County. You can rest assured when you choose Klondike Air, you will get high-quality work and excellent customer service.
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Orange County’s Trusted Experts For Over 30 Years

We operate with full licensing, insurance, and bonding, ensuring that every service provided meets the highest standards of safety and professionalism. This gives you peace of mind knowing you’re in capable hands.

With Klondike Air, you can expect transparent and upfront pricing. We believe in honesty and clarity, ensuring you’re fully informed about the costs associated with our services without any surprises.

Over the years, Klondike Air has built a solid reputation, serving thousands of satisfied customers across Orange County. Our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction speaks volumes about our dedication to our craft.

All of our technicians at Klondike Air are certified to service all major HVAC brands. This broad certification means that no matter what equipment you have, we have the expertise to maintain and repair it effectively.

Gold Club members enjoy priority service, ensuring that your HVAC needs are addressed swiftly and efficiently. This membership is just one way that we are able to provide our ongoing customers with exceptional care and service.

Klondike Air’s A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction and trust. This is something that we have earned over 30+ years of solid business practices and great customer service.