Free Whole Home Health, Safety & Comfort Inspection - $289 Value! Free to first time callers!
Free Whole Home Health, Safety & Comfort Inspection - $289 Value! Free to first time callers!
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Home AC Tune-Up Services Orange County

Let the expert technicians at Klondike Air prepare your AC unit for a perfect, sunny Orange County summer with our efficient home AC tune up. With temperatures up into the 80s and 90s in Orange County, you need to know when you turn on the AC, it is going to cool down your home and keep it cool without outrageous power bills.

Competent Services

Our team is made of competent professionals who prioritize integrity and good workmanship. Each of our expert technicians follows our AC tune up checklist and time-tested process, ensuring you have an AC system you can trust.

Your ease and comfort are important to our team, which is why all of our technicians are kind, tidy, and respectful of your space. We are happy to accommodate your schedule whether you need an emergency job or are only available on certain days.

home AC tune-up services in Orange County

The Importance Of Regular AC Maintenance

There are so many reasons why keeping your AC or HVAC unit maintained is so important. Just like how you keep your car maintained, your AC unit needs an annual tune up to keep your home cool and comfortable.

Regular home AC tune ups prevent problems that can lead to costly repairs or prolonged issues that go unnoticed.

Air Quality

Did you know your air conditioning system can work to purify the air in your home just by running it? Ask us about the state of the art air filtration options, especially if you or family members worry about pollutants or allergens. (Carbon monoxide is a gas heater issue).

Energy Efficiency

With an AC system being such a high energy consuming appliance, getting the most out of it is a must. A well-maintained AC unit will take less time and energy to get the same result. This will help you stay energy efficient.

Cost Savings

Regular maintenance will save you money, especially during these hot days when you will be running your AC unit throughout the day. An AC tune up will ensure your unit doesn’t have to overcompensate for the same result, wasting both energy, time, and money.

With a home AC tune up by Klondike Air, we will help you get the most out of your AC and HVAC systems, so you can spend that time and money on the things that you love.

When Is It Time For A Home AC Tune Up?

If you notice any of the following odd behaviors from your AC unit, then you should schedule a home AC tune up from Klondike Air:

  1. You get an energy bill that is higher than normal for the summer with no additional appliances running.
  2. The airflow coming from your AC unit is weaker.
  3. Your home is warm even with the AC running at its highest setting.
  4. Your AC unit is unable to maintain consistent temperatures and is running constantly or turning on and off all the time.
  5. The AC unit is unable to keep up with the humidity inside.

What Is Included In A Home AC Tune Up?

With our AC tune-up checklist, your cooling system will be working like new in no time, making it so you can do the things you enjoy in comfort. Our expert technicians will take care of your AC system as if it were their own and prepare it for the Orange County summer. Click here to learn about the cost of AC tune ups.

An AC tune-up includes the following six steps:

  1. Check the thermostat to ensure it is calibrated correctly
  2. Inspect evaporator and light cleaning of condenser coil
  3. Check refrigerant levels
  4. Inspect air filters’ condition and replace if needed (filters are extra)
  5. Check the electrical connections, capacitors, and other components
  6. Inspect air ducts and test for proper airflow throughout home

Home AC Service Near Me

If you are in Orange County and are looking for home AC service that prioritizes customer satisfaction and professionalism, then Klondike Air is perfect for your annual home AC tune up.

Save Yourself from Stress

Having an annual home tune up will save you not only money and time but also stress. By not waiting until your system breaks down, you won’t have to worry about costly repairs appearing seemly out of the blue or having to buy an entire new unit. Another plus, you won’t be tempted to open the freezer door just to get by!

Benefits Of Hiring Klondike Air

Efficient Home AC Tune Up Services

We work around your schedule, keep your home tidy, and work efficiently. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Professional Cleaning, Inspections, & Repairs = Professional Results

We will clean your AC filters, providing you with higher air quality, inspect all of the AC components, and spot any potential issues before they cause a breakdown. Then, we can make any repairs needed to keep your AC unit running efficiently throughout the summer.

Preventing Breakdowns

A professional home AC tune up will prevent future breakdowns by ensuring your system is not overheating and damaging components. You want to avoid having to pay for costly repairs or even replacements by neglecting simple maintenance and tune ups.

Schedule Your AC Tune-Up Today!

Don’t wait till you get a super high AC bill or your AC fails on a hot day to call Klondike Air. Schedule your home AC tune up today by calling (714) 979-2070!

Technician inspecting an AC unit in Orange County

Home AC Tune-Up Frequently Asked Questions

Klondike Air services Orange County and the surrounding areas. We provide heating and air conditioning services, including installation, maintenance, repair, and tune ups.

Schedule an AC tune up at least once a year. If you run it through the whole year, you should get it tuned up twice a year. Our Gold Club helps you stay on track for only $189 a year; you get two service calls per year, priority service, and 10% off repairs.

Increased energy efficiency, cost savings, better air quality, and consistent cool air. Plus, you can prevent future breakdowns and costly repairs.

You can schedule your AC tune up with Klondike Air by clicking on the orange “Schedule Service” button at the top of this page. One of our dedicated staff members will reach out to you to confirm your appointment time.

While some maintenance can be completed on your own, like changing filters, many of the other tune up checklist items must be completed by a knowledgeable technician.
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Orange County’s Trusted Experts For Over 30 Years

We operate with full licensing, insurance, and bonding, ensuring that every service provided meets the highest standards of safety and professionalism. This gives you peace of mind knowing you’re in capable hands.

With Klondike Air, you can expect transparent and upfront pricing. We believe in honesty and clarity, ensuring you’re fully informed about the costs associated with our services without any surprises.

Over the years, Klondike Air has built a solid reputation, serving thousands of satisfied customers across Orange County. Our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction speaks volumes about our dedication to our craft.

All of our technicians at Klondike Air are certified to service all major HVAC brands. This broad certification means that no matter what equipment you have, we have the expertise to maintain and repair it effectively.

Gold Club members enjoy priority service, ensuring that your HVAC needs are addressed swiftly and efficiently. This membership is just one way that we are able to provide our ongoing customers with exceptional care and service.

Klondike Air’s A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction and trust. This is something that we have earned over 30+ years of solid business practices and great customer service.