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Free Whole Home Health, Safety & Comfort Inspection - $289 Value! Free to first time callers!
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6 HVAC Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know
Professional HVAC Maintenance Service

Whether it’s a blazing summer day or a freezing winter night, homeowners all have one thing in common: the desire to stay comfortable. That either means turning up the AC when it’s hot or switching on the heater when it’s cold. If you want a reliable HVAC system that will be there for you when you need it, you need to perform regular maintenance.

At Klondike Air, we take the comfort of Orange County residents very seriously. That’s why we put together our top 6 HVAC maintenance tips for homeowners. After reading this article, you will be equipped with all the knowledge you need to complete regular HVAC maintenance.

Cost-Saving Benefits of Regular Maintenance

A clean, well-maintained HVAC system is energy efficient. You will benefit from lower energy bills and consistent indoor temperatures.

With our HVAC maintenance tips and a regular maintenance schedule, you will have less costly breakdowns and repairs. You will extend the life of your HVAC system and prevent expensive replacements.

Change Air Filters Regularly

The first of our HVAC maintenance tips is changing air filters regularly. This is the easiest task for homeowners to complete on their own. Be sure to check your owner’s manual to find the right filter for your HVAC system.

Purpose of Air Filters

Air filters keep dust, smoke, and pollen out of your air ducts and keep them from clogging up the inner workings of your HVAC system.

Recommended Frequency of Replacement

You should replace your air filter every 1-3 months. Many homeowners are shocked by how often you need to replace your air filter.

Impact On System Efficiency

Replacing your air filter will increase the airflow from your HVAC system, improve indoor air quality, and improve overall system efficiency. A clogged air filter can put a strain on your HVAC parts and cause overheating.

Clean and Inspect Vents and Ducts:

To complete the next one of our HVAC maintenance tips, you will want to lift the air vent covers and use a flashlight to inspect your air vents. If you see any dust, dirt, or toys (yes, you would be surprised how many lost toys we find inside air ducts), you’ll want to clean your air vents.

Importance of Clean Vents

If ridding your home of dust and dirt wasn’t enough, it’s the fact that nearly half of all HVAC repairs in Orange County could have been avoided with consistent maintenance by qualified professionals.

Signs of Dirty Ducts

Odd smells coming from your vents, increased humidity inside your home, or your HVAC unit suddenly shutting off when you need it most are all signs of dirty air ducts in need of immediate attention.

DIY Cleaning Tips

Clean your air vents by removing and washing the vent covers with a rag and cleaning the ducts out with your home vacuum.

Check Thermostat Settings:

You should check to ensure your thermostat is correctly calibrated by using a manual thermometer. Electric thermostats can be anywhere from 5-10 degrees off.

Optimal Thermostat Settings for Efficiency

According to Energy.gov, the most optimal temperature for winter is 68 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and 78 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. You can turn down or turn off your HVAC system while you are away from home to save energy.

Programming Tips for Energy Savings

With the latest smart technology, you can program your thermostat to start warming or cooling your house before you get home. Some thermostats can even adjust their temperature based on the weather report.

Schedule Professional Maintenance Annually:

Many HVAC maintenance tasks can only be completed by professional HVAC technicians, such as topping off AC coolant, repairing loose wiring, and replacing worn-out parts.

Benefits of Professional HVAC Inspections

Our expert technicians at Klondike Air will inspect your HVAC to check for any potential issues. Normal wear and tear can put a strain on different parts, such as the compressor, belt, and blower motor. We will be able to prevent costly breakdowns, saving you time and money. This results in reduced energy usage, keeping you and your budget big time. It’s a win-win for both your home comfort and your wallet!

Finding A Reliable HVAC Technician.

The right HVAC technician is all about ensuring they have proper certifications, upfront pricing, and excellent customer service. Klondike Air’s solid reputation for high-quality HVAC repairs all over Orange County is backed up by raving reviews.

Monitor System Performance:

For this HVAC maintenance tip, you will want to check that all of the air vents are providing the same amount of air pressure and your home is being heated evenly. HVAC is the most energy-consuming appliance in your home, so you also want to keep an eye on your energy bill.

Signs That Indicate a Problem

If you are getting a weak airflow from your air ducts, your HVAC unit is making a strange noise, or you notice a bad smell coming from your air vents, it is time to schedule an inspection by a professional.

Tips For Troubleshooting Common Issues

Check to see if your air filter needs to be replaced and your thermostat is calibrated correctly before calling in a professional to inspect and troubleshoot your HVAC issues.

Clear Outdoor Units of Debris Seasonally:

The coming of a new season means it’s time to give your HVAC unit the cleaning it’s been asking for. This means removing any fallen leaves, sticks, and litter that may accumulate over the year.

Maintains Airflow and Prevents System Strain

With regular maintenance, your HVAC unit can easily maintain consistent airflow, preventing strain on the system and turning your chances of HVAC failure into thin air.

The Importance of Consistent HVAC Maintenance

Staying on top of HVAC maintenance ensures you stay warm and comfortable all year round.  Consistency is what makes you stand out in terms of preparedness for the season’s most inhospitable conditions.

The last thing you want is to be faced with a costly repair or replacement that could have been prevented by regular maintenance. Using our 6 HVAC maintenance tips will keep your system running smoothly.

HVAC Maintenance Tips FAQs

Many homeowners are surprised that you should change your air filter every 1-3 months, depending on how dirty it gets in between replacements.
Increased energy efficiency, lower heating and cooling bills, better indoor air quality, preventing costly repairs and breakdowns, and improving your HVAC system’s life.
Strange noises, frequent turning on and off, poor airflow, and inconsistent temperatures are just a few signs that your HVAC system needs repairs. Schedule an inspection by one of our expert technicians today!
If you value all-year-round home comfort and ease of mind, the answer is yes. An energy-efficient and well-maintained HVAC system will save you money and consistently run without issue for many years.