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Klondike Air is happy to demonstrate the quiet operation of the Samsung DVM S Eco Mini Split system. Its super slim form factor is perfect for your home. Call us to install one for you! (714) 979-2070

With its superior design, DVM S Eco offers a comforting environment undisturbed by bothersome noise levels typical of standard air conditioning systems. DVM Eco can support the connection of up to nine indoor units allowing heating of multiple rooms with a single outdoor unit. With multiple indoor unit connections, extensive indoor unit options, and extremely long refrigerant pipe lengths, DVM S Eco is a very versatile system for various project needs.

Drive down costs and energy use with unmatched efficiency
Samsung DVM Eco delivers world-class energy efficiency for today’s eco- and budget-conscious businesses. Using advanced compressor technology, it offers industry-leading COP, which means exceptional heating and cooling performance at a nominal cost.

Ultra-quiet operation
By producing less noise than conventional models, the DVM Eco imposes fewer distractions on residential and working environments. Its compact, unimposing design and specially shaped fan blades help reduce sound levels up to 5 decibels, creating a more pleasant. Plus, its quiet operation during the nighttime creates a restful environment with a reduced noise level of 2 – 8 dB.

Streamline installation with a host of size options
The incredibly compact DVM Eco unit eases the installation process with its slim design and a broad range of capacities ranging from 36K to 53K Btu. Such an array of choices enables users to select just the right performance to meet their particular heating and cooling requirements.

Broad installation options
DVM Eco provides greater piping lengths than conventional models for increased design flexibility. Its extended piping length of up to 492 ft and installation height of up to 164 ft offer businesses more installation options. The piping distance is far between outdoor and indoor units, so individual indoor units perform capacity connection control and automatic refrigerant equalization for more balanced performance between units.