Free Whole Home Health, Safety & Comfort Inspection - $289 Value! Free to first time callers!
Free Whole Home Health, Safety & Comfort Inspection - $289 Value! Free to first time callers!
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Commitment to Quality

Our goal at Maytag is to make your home dependably comfortable. What we put inside our Maytag heating and air systems is what puts the ideal indoor environment inside your home. We build our Maytag systems to exacting standards, and we are the only heating and cooling manufacturer to use a process called Demand Flow Technology (DFT).

Check, check and recheck. Thatís how we manufacture with Demand Flow Technology. We test each and every air conditioner and furnace we make at every station during the manufacturing process. Our air conditioners are checked around 144 times, and our gas furnaces are checked around 234 times. We also perform 100% computer automated testing at our quality control station to eliminate human error in the final analysis. This all happens before the units ever leave the factory.



During the search for a new air conditioning system, homeowners need to know that they are receiving all of the benefits they desire in their new HVAC unit. A MaytagÆ air conditioner comes with a selection of benefits that increase the performance and longevity of the unit. Benefits include proven components such as Copeland Scroll compressors for reliable performance and low sound levels as well as our exclusive 12-year limited parts warranty and 12-year Dependability Promise. Not only will a Maytag air conditioner operate efficiently and at low sound levels, but homeowners can enjoy long-lasting peace of mind and quality assurance with this long warranty.

Maytag air conditioners are factory checked 144 times before being shipped, offering quality assurance with each of our air conditioning units. Because of these factory checks, our air conditioning cooling units have a reduced risk of problems after installation due to factory errors.

Tailor your search for a new AC unit by selecting from the filters on the left. Find answers to more of your HVAC questions or schedule an installation appointment, by contacting a local Maytag air conditioner dealer.



Maytag furnaces come with a number of benefits that make them the dependable heating choice for your home. Knowing which benefits to look for in a new furnace can be difficult; however, if you know what options are best for your overall home comfort, it can make the search for a new unit easier. An efficient Maytag gas furnace, when paired with a heat pump system, can help homeowners save money on utilities throughout the year.

In addition to its money-saving efficiency levels – up to 97% AFUE – Maytag furnaces also include SmartStart technology. This allows the furnace to learn the startup characteristics of the specific unit so the ignitor can fire at the optimal time; this extends ignitor life.

Decide which benefits will work for your home by selecting from the filters to the left. You can also receive further HVAC education from your local Maytag furnace professional. Contact a local Maytag furnace contractor.



If you are a homeowner living in a climate with relatively mild weather, a Maytag home heat pump could be the HVAC system that suits all of your heating and cooling needs. This all-electric, HVAC unit provides high levels of cooling power during the summer and can switch to provide sufficient heating power when temperatures drop. In addition, homeowners can enjoy low noise levels with a highly efficient iQ Drive PSH4BG heat pump. This is the newest system in our iQ Drive line of products and offers energy savings, low noise levels and corrosion resistance.

Use R-410A refrigerant in an iQ Drive heat pump and homeowners can further lessen their impact on the environment. Other refrigerants release high levels of Chlorofluorocarbons, which have a negative impact on the ozone layer.

Choose from the filters on the left to select the system that comes with the benefits and features that you are looking for in your Maytag heat pump system. Or, you can contact your local Maytag heat pump dealer for additional information and quotes.

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