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Early Bird A/C Check UP

Call today to schedule a $52 Early Bird A/C Check-Up. We will test your Air Conditioning System to make sure you will be safe and your home will be nice and cool this summer.  We will inspect your attic air ducting for any deteriorating, for pinhole air leaks, for hazardous asbestos ducting, and holes made by rodents chewing through the ducting looking for food; we will perform electrical tests and visually inspect all aspects of your Cooling System and we will replace your old dirty filter with a new, *clean, high quality pleated standard 1-inch filter*. We will operate and test your thermostat for proper operation.

Klondike Air - Summer Air Conditioning Checkup Special Offer

Terms & Conditions:

  • Offer for new customers only.
  • Offer is for 1 A/C unit (additional units, $52 each)
  • *Only standard 1-inch filters will be replaced. Odd sized filters and specialty filters will not be replaced. Customer has the option of ordering the correct size themselves or from the technician.
  • This is a standard, general maintenance.
  • This service is for an A/C system that is in running order. If your A/C does not run correctly please tell the technician ahead of time to discuss diagnosing your system to find out the problem.

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